Alumnus Pursues Doctorate

As a first-grader, she watched “Jurassic Park” and decided she wanted to be a paleontologist. That career choice changed, but Brittany Stinson, Norfolk State alumnus and current Ph.D. candidate at Florida Atlantic University, kept the science bug. Stinson credits her high school biology teacher for igniting her interest in biology and for the encouragement to pursue a career in the field. As an undergraduate at NSU, Stinson earned a scholarship that involved an internship program. “That summer, we were stationed in the wilderness, lived in cabins, set traps to catch animals and actually did the same things that the professional scientists were doing.” She says in an article appearing on the website “Singled Out for Excellence” (, that the setting was designed to bring scientists of different backgrounds together.

Stinson is working on her Ph.D. in integrative biology. She is currently conducting research in the interactions of substrates and enzymes. “Attending an HBCU really gave me access to opportunities that allowed me to shine,” said Stinson about her time at Norfolk State. “NSU’s standards were set high and I was able to earn positions that allowed me to do research, gain paid opportunities and internships.”


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