A Special Thank-You From the Department of Athletics

22530893838_b6b5e3e092_mAnd, the heartfelt thanks goes to . . .

22328044663_b26629ae7b_mNorfolk State University Director of Athletics Marty L. Miller thanked the university community for its support of Homecoming 2015. In a statement distributed through the campus announcement system, Miller stated, “The Department of Athletics experienced a very successful and fun-filled Homecoming weekend. Despite the rainy weather conditions, over 15,000 fans, friends and supporters came out to inspire the football team to a 20-17 victory over Savannah State University. Your presence and cheering were instrumental in this victorious outcome. In addition, the tailgating festivities were an overwhelming success. Thousands of fans and students enjoyed the food and music within the tailgating areas. It was one of our best tailgating events in many years.

On behalf of the Department of Athletics and its student-athletes, I want to thank you for supporting the football game and tailgating activities. You made the difference in a very festive Homecoming weekend. 9 5 15NSUFBALL-238I look forward to seeing you at the other athletic events and games this season.

Behold The Green and Gold!”


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