Vote for NSU in Home Depot’s Retool Your School 2016

Home Depot retool your school focal8-2016Home Depot’s Retool Your School project was developed to benefit the nation’s Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs). A total of nine grants will be awarded this year: three $50,000 grants, three $30,000 grants and three $20,000 grants. New in this year’s program, respondents with completed applications and at least 100 votes will receive a $1,000 Home Depot Gift Card. Gift Cards are expected to be distributed on or around May 18.

Additionally, other changes to the Retool Your School program include:

  • New Cluster Structure — increases your chances of winning $50,000. All HBCUs competing for a grant will be placed into one of three clusters, based on student enrollment. The clusters are identified as follows:
  • Cluster 1: 4,000+ students
  • Cluster 2: 1,200-3,999
  • Cluster 3: less than 1,199 students

With the incorporation of clusters, participating HBCUs are now only in competition with those schools similar in size based on student enrollment.

  • New Grant Amounts — $300,000 will be awarded across 9 HBCUs! This year EACH of the three clusters will award a:
    • Tier I Grant – $50,000
    • Campus Pride Grant – $30,000*
    • Tier II Grant – $20,000
    • The Home Depot’s Retool Your School program is giving away more grant money to more schools for MORE campus improvements. Visit for more information and to review all program rules. To cast your vote for Norfolk State University, click here.
    • * The Campus Pride Grants will go to the school in each cluster with the most online votes and social media activity.

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