The Spartan Star Award . . . And the Winner Is . . .

For extraordinary customer service . . .


Christine Taylor and Clementine Cone

Procurement Services’ Christine Taylor, senior contracts officer, was presented with the Spartan Star Award by Clementine Cone, executive assistant to the president for university compliance,  last week as her colleagues cheered. Cone presented the certificate and gift and thanked Taylor for her service to the department and the university. The Spartan Star Award is presented to NSU employees who exemplify extraordinary customer service.


 Cone and D’Nita Andrews-Graham

Cone presented another Spartan Star Award to D’Nita Andrews-Graham, assistant professor of computer science. Andrews-Graham was all smiles as she was presented with the certificate for extraordinary customer service.

The monthly Spartan Star Customer Service Recognition program encourages excellent customer service. It recognizes and rewards individual achievements and contributions. This award is given as an immediate recognition to an employee for exemplary customer service performance or an event that resulted in a positive impact or benefit to an internal or external client and a positive reflection on the institution.

Want to nominate someone for exemplary customer service? The nomination form can be found at:

Congratulations on a job well-done!


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