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ealert-registration-imageYes, Virginia . . . Hurricane Season 2016 is still in effect and after Hurricane Matthew surged into Hampton Roads earlier this month, you already know that hurricanes and other storms are serious business. Now is the time to make sure you get the most current and reliable information from Norfolk State University during emergency situations such as inclement weather.

Everbridge is the University’s portal for emergency alerts, including inclement weather. By registering for NSU Alerts, you can receive alerts via text, phone and/or email. University emergency management officials are in the process of updating the Everbridge database, which contains only the emails of students, faculty and staff. During the next few weeks, faculty, staff and students will receive an email invitation from NSU Alerts via Everbridge. The email will contain a hyperlink. Simply click on  the hyperlink or paste it in a browser and update the rest of your emergency contact information — mobile phone numbers, direct office numbers, secondary email addresses, etc.

Updating your information in the NSU Alerts system is critical, so that in case of any type of emergency, NSU officials will be able to reach you in a timely manner. Remember: Be Ready Virginia . . . Preparedness is the key to protecting lives and property.



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