Norfolk State University Selects Barnes & Noble College

Norfolk State University student enjoy a beautiful spring day on their campus on Monday, April 6, 2015. (Photo/SEMWorks)

Norfolk State University has selected Barnes & Noble College as its provider of campus bookstore services. Under the terms of the new agreement, Barnes & Noble College will manage bookstore operations in the Student Center. The four-year plus eight-month contract began on October 1, 2016, with the initial contract period ending on May 31, 2021. Two four-year renewal options are included in the contract. The process to select a vendor for campus bookstore operations at NSU began last spring and involved numerous campus stakeholders.

Barnes & Noble College will introduce a number of new and innovative services focused on delivering cost savings and convenience to students including:

  • In-store and online textbook rentals
  • Annual scholarships
  • Rapidly expanding selection of eTextbooks
  • Textbook Reservation Program
  • Price Match Program
  • FacultyEnlight

The bookstore will also undergo a redesign during this academic year to energize, reposition, create, showcase, promote and add a suite of solutions with a wide range of affordable course materials, advanced digital education technology and a social and academic hub at NSU.

Barnes & Noble College is also a leader in the use of social media to connect with students. The NSU Bookstore will have its own, locally managed Facebook page, Twitter promotions and an innovative word-of-mouth marketing program to keep students connected to bookstore products, services and special events.






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