NSU Implements Pay Raise for Classified Employees

Norfolk State employees working in certain housekeeping, clerical and trade positions received a raise in October after University leaders implemented a pay increase to help move their earnings closer to the living wage requirement for residents in Hampton Roads.

The annual salaries for more than 60 University employees will increase to $21,500. Earlier this year, the NSU Board of Visitors approved an action to increase the salaries of certain classified employees who made less than $20,000 a year. The board approved the action as long as it did not impact student fees or current development projects on campus.

NSU President and CEO Eddie N. Moore Jr. realigned the University’s budget by applying several cost-saving measures to campus operations which made the increase possible. The president also reduced costs by eliminating some vacant positions on campus.

The average yearly pay increase for some employees is around $2,125, according to the University’s budget office. Going forward, new Norfolk State employees hired in the areas impacted will begin at the adjusted salary level, said Mona Adkins-Easley, associate vice president for human resources at NSU. “We care about the welfare of all employees on campus, but we really wanted to show our classified employees that we appreciate them,” Adkins-Easley said. “This is only a start, but President Moore wanted to do something to let these workers know that we appreciate the hard work they do. They are essential to the University’s operation.”

Adkins-Easley said the amount of the increase was recommended from data provided from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Living Wage Calculator as well as locality data (private industry), state data and salary surveys.

The increase, which was paid retroactively from Aug. 25, was reflected in employee’s October paychecks.



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