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Food Truck Naming Contest Winners Announced


Igor Braga


Asia Riddick

Thompson Hospitality’s Name and Design the Food Truck competition has got a winner! Congratulations to Igor Braga and Asia Riddick for their winning entries. Braga had the winning design and Riddick provided the winning name, “Mobile Munchies.”


Professor Carol J. Pretlow

Faculty Member Selected 

Carol Pretlow, associate professor in the NSU Political Science Department, was recently selected to join the faculty of the Semester at Sea program. With the world as its classroom and more than 50 years of experience, Semester at Sea integrates multiple-country study, interdisciplinary coursework, and hands-on field experience for meaningful engagement in the global community. Over a 100-day voyage on a shipboard campus, students select academic courses drawn from 20 – 25 fields of study that are integrated with relevant field classes in up to a dozen countries, allowing for an experiential, comparative education that is truly global. Pretlow has a flexible invitation to include either the fall of 2017, spring 2018 or summer 2018 to teach constitutional law, international relations or foreign policy.

Each course has one required eight-hour field class that takes place usually on the first, second or last day in one of the destinations. Field classes are designed by the professors to apply concepts learned in the classroom to the field through meetings and activities with local experts and organizations. Semester at Sea faculty will be living and teaching/working in a floating residential college with up to 600 students, 15-20 lifelong learners, as many as 100 faculty, staff and their family members in addition to up to 200 multinational crew members. The ship’s community includes a generational mix of ages, from young children to octogenarians.

Transfer Thursdays at Norfolk State

Transfer Thursdays provide transfer students with the opportunity to learn more about Norfolk State University directly from faculty and currently

NSU's Associate Professor Aurelia T. Williams, leads her Computer Science class on Tuesday, October 25, 2016. (Chris English/Tigermoth Creative)

NSU Associate Professor Aurelia T. Williams leads her Computer Science class.

enrolled students. The program will include on-site admissions, financial aid information, and an opportunity to discuss program requirements.
Fall 2016 Transfer Thursday Date:
December 1, 2016
All sessions are from 5–6:30 p.m. and are held in the Student Services Center, Room 205. For more information, contact the TransferMation Center at (757) 451-7745 or

Healthy Tips for a Healthy You!

Via the Spartan e-Daily, you receive weekly tips for maintaining your good health. The CommonHealth Tips are short, concise information that will help you with everything from emotional eating to why pets can help us stay healthy. Click on the link in the e-Daily and pass the information on to your co-workers! This week’s tip is for those suffering with back problems. Caring for your back is as easy as modifying the way you do things and improving your strength and flexibility through a sensible fitness program.  Taking simple precautions can prevent most cases of back pain. Check out this week’s Wellnote for additional tips on how to care for your back. Make it a healthy week!

Homecoming 2016 Parade Winners Announced

Congratulations to the winners of the Homecoming 2016 Parade and thanks to all who participated!

Performing Groups:
1st Place: Toni’s Marching Angels
2nd Place: New Generation Marching Band22326393524_e5f0b8d689_z

Drill Units:
1st Place: Dance Dimensions
2nd Place: LAWD Dance Studio

1st Place: Pedigree DAWGS
2nd Place: Lady Tokyo Dance Co.
3rd Place: Portsmouth City Cowboys

Marching Bands:
1st Place: Approaching Storm Marching Band
2nd Place: John Marshall HS
3rd Place: Booker T. Washington HS

National Healthy Lunch

The American Diabetes Association celebrated National Healthy Lunch Day November 15 in observance of National Diabetes Awareness Month. Packing a healthy lunch . . . one that is simple and affordable is one step to better health by bringing a good-for-you lunch from home. Here are some tips on packing a healthy lunch:

  1. On the weekend, decide what you will eat for lunch and add it to your grocery list.
  2. Consider batch cooking on the weekend, such as a big pot of chili, soup or big bowl of whole-grain and veggie salad.
  3. Take five minutes every night or morning to pack something healthy the day.
  4. Use portable containers — such as a lunchbox, thermos and various containers with tight-fitting lids to pack and take your healthy lunch.
  5. Remember food safety– if you don’t have access to a fridge to store your lunch, insert a cold pack into the lunch box.
  6. For days you can’t pack lunch, keep some non-perishable healthy options at your desk, such as light tuna in water, whole wheat crackers, popcorn, nuts, canned fruit, etc.

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