Biology Society Launches Health Education Blog

The Biology Society at Norfolk State University, under the tutelage of Dr. Aylin Marz, professor of biology, has launched a blog that will provide information on the science behind disease, the biology of health and other topics of interest to students and other communities served by the University. Student bloggers will select topics from current health issues and share information that will give readers a broader perspective of the issue. “The idea is not for the blog to serve as medical advice, but rather to share new information about biomedicine,” said Dr. Marz. Titled Behold Biology NSU!, the blog’s tagline boasts the society’s efforts to share information because they care about the community at-large. The goal of the students’ public blog is for them to have a voice to speak about matters of biology that are important to them, to their communities at NSU, Norfolk, Virginia, the U.S. and the globe.

The topics will range from medically related to environmental issues. The blog effort is in line with the broader goals of the Biology Society in which social-minded science students volunteer to make a difference in their communities. The project is student-driven in that students find and research the topics and write the blog. The students improve their communications skills by writing and explaining scientific topics to a lay audience. Check out Behold Biology NSU! using the link below. Feel free to leave comments.

Chimpanzees, Condoms, and Confusion: The Biology of AIDS

Behold Biology NSU! launched in December 2016 and discusses the background and misconceptions regarding HIV/AIDS. This month, the students will examine how electronic toys and devices such as smart phones, etc. affect children’s brains.


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