Athletics Team Participates in Workkshop

Kentrell Kearney

Three of the newest members of the athletics department were recently selected to participate in the NCAA’s effective facilitation workshop.  Kentrell Kearney (Director of Compliance), LaTrese Barker (Academic Coordinator) and Ivana Rich (Academic Coordinator/Learning Specialist) were three of 40 individuals selected to participate in this annual event. The interactive workshop is designed to help enhance leadership skills and learn how to effectively run meetings and group discussions. Individuals who complete the workshop are encouraged to bring those skills back to their respective campuses or may be selected to facilitate national workshops such as the NCAA’s Student-Athlete Leadership Forum.

Another senior athletics department staff member, Alisha Tucker (Associate Athletics Director), has been selected to serve as a member of the NCAA’s Accelerating Academic Success Program (AASP) grant selection committee.  Norfolk State University was a recipient of the AASP grant, which is designed to provide funding to enhance athletics academic programming.  In total, NSU received more than $700,000 over a four-year period to enhance the department’s athletics academic program. In this role, Tucker will be one of the members responsible for reviewing grant applications from NCAA member institutions to determine future grant recipients. In addition, she will visit applicant institutions and give presentations at the AASP grant workshop to be held in July in New Orleans.


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