Male Initiatives Program Engages NSU Men

Michael Williams

Norfolk State University’s Male Initiatives Program remains committed to changing the deficit-focused narrative of intersectionality within the black male community in higher education. Last month, Michael Williams, coordinator of Male Initiatives, visited the Todd A. Bell National Resource Center at Ohio State University for the 12th Annual National Black Male Retreat. Williams had the opportunity to discuss this same issue, as well as improvements and emergence of social networking sites with Dr. Dennis J. Alexander, psychologist at the Office of Counseling and Consultation Services at Ohio State University.

Their candid conversation allowed healing in a group discussion often not afforded to black men who come from crime-ridden neighborhoods, those who experience institutional micro-aggressions, victims of recently prescribed post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) from black death at the hands of police killings and coping with gender, race, and masculinity. The Male Initiatives Program will continue to link students to campus resources, and expose them to new experiences that will enhance and support both social and academic success.

More information can be found in the latest issue of Diverse Education.


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