Students Selected for Intelligence Community Summer Programs

The Defense Intelligence Agency’s designated Intelligence Community Centers for Academic Excellence (DIA designated IC-CAE) at Norfolk State University recently announced that several of its students have been selected to participate in various Intelligence Community-related activities for summer 2017.

Aleah Dungee, a senior biology major, was selected as the official representative for the June 2017 summer seminar program. As part of the summer seminar, Dungee, an Honors College student, will have an opportunity to interact with all IC agencies and work on a simulation project designed by one of the agencies. The project is created to help students think under pressure and most importantly, work in teams. Dungee is one of 40 students selected to attend the seminar, which will be held at the Westin Hotel at the National Harbor in Maryland. This is the second consecutive year that an NSU student has been selected as an official representative. Last year, Briana Spruill-Harrell represented NSU.

In a second IC-CAE summer program, Shenita Perry (M.S.’15) will represent NSU during the 4th Annual National Security Executives and Professionals Association (NSEPA) Conference to be held in June in Arlington, Virginia. NSEPA’s purpose is to support and advance America’s National Security Imperatives. Additionally, the association promotes competitiveness among senior-level employees of the U.S. Government National Security Enterprise by sponsoring professional development and career enhancement opportunities for ethnically diverse employees and women with an emphasis on African-Americans.

Students wanting to participate in the summer program must have participated directly in the activities of the Norfolk State program and/or be a member of the University’s Robert C. Nusbaum Honors College. Each DIA-designated center nominates up to two students, one primary and one alternate, to represent its program at the annual summer seminar. DIA IC-CAE associated faculty advisors at Norfolk State include Drs. Sasha Coleman-Johnson (modern foreign languages and English), Page Laws (Honors College, dean) and Bernadette Holmes (sociology and criminal justice). Dr. Camellia Okpodu serves as the director of the DIA IC-CAE at NSU.

(This press release was written by Dr. Camellia Moses Okpodu, the Director of the DIA designated IC-CAE at Norfolk State, a founding Center of Academic Excellence and a member of the Mid-Atlantic Centers of Academic Excellence from 2011 – 2017).



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