Freshmen Move-in Day is a Soaker

It was all hands on deck at Norfolk State August 12, when more than 1,000 freshmen moved on campus to begin the fall academic year. Under heavy clouds and sometimes torrential downpours, new students, parents, siblings and other family members donned yellow rain parkas and other rain gear and dragged, rolled or pulled in their students’ belongings. Volunteers from every walk of campus life from vice presidents, to students, faculty, administrators, to cheerleaders and football players . . . all worked from one end of campus to the other . . . in a synchronized effort to get the students to their assigned rooms. When the volunteers started to run out of steam, other volunteers provided snacks, water, encouragement and smiles. At Norfolk State University, new students and current . . . know that we indeed see the future in you. Here’s to a great and successful academic year!


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